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my pond
 may 28,1997
Digging is complete .A kidney shaped pond is in with 2 plant shelves.
Depth is 3 feet deep at one end and 31/2 at the other.
dimensions are 30' x 18'
 June 4,1997
Pond liner arrived 50' x 100' roll and over 400 lbs.
It is a tetra liner 2nd nature Firestone. It took four people to get the liner to my yard.
A few small rocks are laid on the liner to help keep the wrinkles to minimum while filling the pond.
The tank on the left is a fiberglass 100 gallon biological filter.
This picture was taken june 7,1997
The pond is full of tap water with 15 bottles of chlorine remover dumped in. i put in a few plants and finished laying sandstone around the edge. 3 feet of liner is exposed so rain water will run down in the yard instead of in the pond.  I also installed a four inch spillway in the back of the pond for over flow.
June 30, 1997
waterfall and filter is complete, more plants are added and the exposed liner is covered in pea gravel with cypress mulch added to the landscape. 4500 gal. pond is starting to get somewhere.
July 30, 1997
My second filter is installed a150 gal. rubbermaid stock tank upflow.  this makes me 2 waterfalls and the completion for now. both filters are biological lava rock substrate media filters.
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